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Delight Gamers with zero lag gaming experience

Game interruptions and lags are the primary drivers for bad gaming experiences. Barriers created by last mile performance prevent gaming companies from delivering a zero lag experience. With Zycada you can break these barriers and offer the best gaming experience in the market.

Zycada powers your Gaming success

Stable Speed

Accelerate Game Start Times

Stronger Engagement

Enable High Definition Gaming

Higher Transaction Value

Higher Engagement

Accelerated Game Start Times

Zycada platform uses real time last mile wireless conditions information to deliver data packets to the user in the fastest time possible. Your games will start faster.

Enable High Definition Gaming

Using AI/ML to optimize data packet flow at the individual connection level, Zycada platform consistently delivers highest data throughput for each streaming connection. Guaranteeing OTT providers that their users are getting the best bitrate for each stream.

Zycada Benefits

Improving user engagement and revenue

Grow Revenue Per Customer

Increase Daily and Monthly Users

Significant improvements in your game’s performance will increase number of game plays and returning players resulting in higher daily and monthly active users.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Improve Customer Acquisition

Improving first time game load times will lead to higher number of returning players. With no additional effort you will boost your customer acquisition rates.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve your performance without incrementing your spend. Make your budget go further.

See it Live

See Zycada’s performance first hand. Request a demo and we’ll show you Zycada’s performance vs a static CDN.