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Driving happy customer experiences.

Latency, packet loss, jitter. The wireless last mile is a growing core challenge in making your customers happy. With our help you can overcome this challenge and get ahead of the competition.

Zycada powers your OTT success

Stable Speed

Stable Speed

Stronger Engagement

Stronger Engagement

Lower Churn

Lower Churn

Accelerate video start time

Zycada platform uses real time last mile wireless conditions information to deliver stream segments to the user in the fastest time possible. Your videos will start faster.

Increase Average Bitrate

Using AI/ML to optimize data packet flow at the individual connection level, Zycada platform consistently delivers highest data throughput for each streaming connection. Guaranteeing OTT providers that their users are getting the best bitrate for each stream.

Reduce Buffering

By understanding last mile performance, Zycada platform uniquely optimizes data flow for each stream. Enabling Zycada to proactively mitigate underlying causes for buffering events.

Zycada Benefits

Gaining and keeping happy customers

Seamless wired and mobile viewing experiences

Customer Churn Prevention

As performance improves, your customers will engage with more of your content with more frequency. The result: higher customer loyalty.

Fast, high-quality, video playout performance

Operational Efficiency

Improve your performance without incrementing your spend. Make your budget go further.

Consistent quality service that scales

Revenue Growth

Your differentiated content plus an improved quality of experience will make your services more competitive and appealing.

See it Live

See Zycada’s performance first hand. Request a demo and we’ll show you Zycada’s performance vs a static CDN.